The LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Sports Coalition

LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Sports Coalition

We are the LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Sports Coalition

In 2020 an international grouping of 16 LGBTIQ+ led and focused organisations began to meet to define a series of questions concerning the lack of protections being offered to LGBTIQ+ people by FIFA and the Supreme Committee, the host country organisers of the 2022 World Cup.

The majority of the groups involved are actively involved in sport and have an in-depth understanding  of human rights issues around the LGBTIQ+ community. They have many years of creating change and experience of working with athletes, sports governing bodies, governments, inert-governmental organisations and others.

The group considered the potential issues facing   visiting supporters, players, coaches and support staff, and those working at the tournament for media organisations, sponsors, national football team operations, who either identify as being part of the LGBTIQ+ community or are active allies.

 The long-term legacy and impact of the tournament on LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities in the region was also a consideration.

Based on these considerations and concerns, the Coalition set out ‘Eight Measures for Action to FIFA and the Supreme Committee’.

Coalition members: