The FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar and LGBTIQ+ Human Rights

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LGBTIQ+ Human Rights in Qatar

The FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 will kick-off in Qatar this November bringing together people from across the globe

This website has been developed by the LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Sports Coalition to highlight current issues relating to LGBTIQ+ human rights in Qatar, and to provide a space for disseminating information and advice.

The World Cup is a showpiece for our common humanity, yet in Qatar the rights of LGBTIQ+ people are denied, the existence of the LGBTIQ+ community is questioned, and same-sex relationships are criminalised with heavy jail sentences. LGBTIQ+ Rights in Qatar need to be addressed.

LGBTIQ+ Rights Qatar World Cup

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The World Cup  
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How LGBTIQ+ people 
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Our ‘Eight Measures 
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What has been done
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